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Air & Water


Bill of Materials

Quantity Name Category
8x M2.5x4mm Screw Fasteners
4x M2.5x6mm Standoffs Fasteners
4x M3x4mm Screw Fasteners
10x M4x8mm Screw Fasteners
8x Wood Screws Fasteners
1x Power Housing Electronics
1x Water Housing Electronics
1x Power Housing Plexiglas Cut Electronics
1x Water Housing Plexiglas Cut Electronics
1x Solenoid valve Electronics
1x Vacuum Pump Electronics
1x Power Supply Electronics
1x Barbed Adapter Nylon 6mm Misc
1x Barbed Adapter Brass 6mm Misc
1x Garden Hose Adapter Misc
4x Hose Clamp Misc
2x Zip ties Misc

Required tools

Tool name


Images Instructions
Screw directly through the boxes into the frame, there is 4 circles that indicate the proper location.
Use a small part of water pipe in order to expel the air out of your box : this is to avoid the pump to suck up ground or water into the box.
Check on the top of your pump the direction of the air, it should have a sucking up action.
Careful: when using either 110/220V check on the side of your power supply what if you selected the proper voltage. Voltage per country
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