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The setup of gantry might need two person. Be careful when moving the gantry on the tracks to move both columns at the same time in order not to bend your gantry.


Bill of Materials

Quantity Name Category
2x Gantry Columns 20x60x650mm aluminum extrusion Extrusion
2x Gantry Wheel Plates Plates
18x M5 x 10mm Screws Fasteners
18x M5 x 30mm Screws Fasteners
10x M5 x 6mm Spacers Fasteners
8x M5 x 6mm Eccentric Spacers Fasteners
18x M5 Washers Fasteners
18x M5 Tee Nuts Fasteners
18x M5 Locknuts Fasteners
18x polycarbonate V-wheel Drivetrain
32x 16 x 5 x 5mm rubber sealed ball bearings Drivetrain
18x M5 shim Drivetrain

Required tools

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