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Raised Bed

This is a raised bed for Farmbot Mini 1500x1500mm, but it can be adapted easily to 3000x1500mm. The bed is supported on casters, not only to move is afterwards, it also helps during the assembly process since there is not that much space to go around on my balcony.

Notice: this raised bed components are not included in the kit because of their size and weight.


Bill of Materials

The wood should be treated for outdoors usage.

Quantity Name
4x Farmbot support 1500x140x40mm
4x Lateral support 1400x140x40mm
4x Posts 400x90x90mm
2x Bed support 1400x90x40mm
11x Bed bottom 1420x110x20mm
2x Lateral bed bottom 1240x90x20mm
132x Wood screws 65mm
72x Wood screws 35mm
100x 20mm small nails
4x Casters (100kg each at least)
1x Drainage fabric 300g/m2, 5 sqm
8x 4.5kg dried grounded coconut shells (standard soil is completely fine too)
3x 5kg high quality soil

Tools required

Tool name
Drill with screwing head and 3mm head for pre-holes
Good screwdriver
Hand saw if you need to modify lengths


Images Instructions
The 3D design of this bed is available here : Design hosted by Onshape. It is suggested to drill the pre-holes before starting to assemble the raised bed.
Start by positioning the bed support on the bed posts.
Make sure the length and square are correct.
Drill 3 pre-holes on the bed support.
I did 2mm pre-holes but I suggest to drill 3mm pre-holes to make screwing easier.
75 or 65mm screws should suit fine.
Do not try to screw too fast, try to understand the wood (dry, wet, hard, soft) and press firmly on the drill.
Repeat the operation for the 4 posts.
Set the bed support on the ground.
Prepare the 2 lateral bed bottom.
You can use the 35mm screws for the 20mm thick wood.
Be SURE to keep a perfect square.
Prepare the 10 bed bottom.
Now it starts to look like a bed.
Prepare 4 casters and their screws.
The casters should be really well fixed, think about the theoretical weight of the soil filled with water (that would be 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.3 = 0.675 cubic meter ⇒ 675kg).
Turn the bed around to fix the last bed bottom, that connects all bed bottom together.
Lock the casters or push your bed to a stable position, like close to a wall.
We start with the 1400mm lateral support, what I did was using all my wood to elevate it to the correct height (100mm over the bed posts bottom) .
Every time you fix a new support, always check your level.
Repeat for the other 1400mm lateral support.
You can now fix the 1500mm Farmbot support, use the same trick to set the wood to the perfect height and level.
There is 9 screws to fix each side on both the post and the lateral support.
Repeat for the other side
Do the same operations for the top level and be sure to keep the level, this step is the most important because you'll fix your Farmbot on it.
The wooden part is finished, you can start to clean your space.
Find a good position for your bed.
Prepare the drainage fabric.
I fixed my fabric 50mm below the farmbot support line.
Add water to your coconut ground so that it starts expanding.
You can use any mix of soil as you feel, I just used lot of coconut soil because it's very light.
You're done ! Next step : Tracks
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