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The tracks are supporting the whole Farmbot, it's the most important part so make sure the they are firmly attached to the support and the level is perfectly horizontal. Do not hesitate to spend more time on this step because it will not be easy to revert it if your realize later that your level is not perfect.


Bill of Materials

These quantities are lower for Farmbot Mini as we are using only 2 track extrusions and no Track Joining Plates.

Quantity Name Category
4x Track Extrusions 20x40x1500mm Extrusion
4x Track End Plates Plates
2x Track Joining Plates Plates
12x Cable Carrier Supports Plates
20x 25cm Wood Screws Fasteners
44x M5 x 10mm Screws Fasteners
44x M5 Tee Nuts Fasteners

Required tools

Tool name
3mm allen wrench
Drill with 2mm tap for pre-holes


Images Instructions
Parts of a 3m Farmbot
Parts for a 1.5m Farmbot mini
During the whole process, check your level.
There is two marks on the Track Plates so that you can know where to position the plate.
Do not forget that the only valid way to check the level is your level tool, your raised bed might not be perfectly horizontal.
When you plates are well placed, mark the holes and drill pre-holes.
Do not tighten completely the wood screws before you didn't check the level. Attach first the tracks.
Position the M5x10mm screws
Add the T-nuts on the screws. Do not tighten the screws. T nuts are designed so that they will rotate inside the extrusion when tightening. If you tighten too much the nuts before placing the extrusion they will not be able the rotate.
Position the tracks.
Tighten the T nuts.
You can check on the side of the extrusion if the 3 T nuts did rotate properly.
Check the level.
Tighten the wood screws.
Repeat for the other side.
Prepare cable carriers support, M5x10mm screws and M5 T nuts. 12 for Farmbot 3m and 6 for Farmbot Mini 1,5m
Attach them ONLY on the left track of your Farmbot, this will be the track holding your electronics and cabling.
This version of cable carrier support was slightly mirrored during the sample production. However the position of the bottom cable holder hole is not important for the final assembly.
Space your supports uniformly on the track. Next step : Gantry
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